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Freightbox is a versatile, feature-rich, fleet-management software that comes loaded with all the latest functionalities required by the trucking industry. The comprehensive fleet management system is designed to meet the needs of the modern trucking businesses, and improve their productivity, while simultaneously reducing the inefficiencies in their operations.

This platform comes with a variety of dynamic data collection points, which are consolidated into a single centralized database. The data is then subjected to a variety of analyses to produce meaningful insights for the businesses. The businesses can make use of data to keep a real time track of all their inventory, drivers, equipment, and operations. Freightbox offers a seamless platform for businesses to gain complete control of their activities from a single point.

Freightbox comes with 6 modules. The basic package features 2 modules that are standard, and 4 modules that are optional. Businesses can customize their basic package with their choice of optional modules.
The standard modules of Freightbox are:
Customer Management
    • A powerful CRM module that empowers your sales team to be rock stars of your business
Billing Module
    • One simple module to generate and manage all your invoices, billing, and other financials of the business'

The optional modules available for Freightbox include:

Driver Management
  • An all-seeing module that allows you to know and manage where exactly your drivers are and where they are going using a host of devices

Dispatch Management
  • Schedule, track, dispatch, and improve routing of deliveries using this powerful module

Equipment Management
  • A centralized system which monitors all the equipment with the organization, their operational status, upcoming scheduled maintenance, upcoming emission tests, and so on, and assign them to various activities and personnel.
  • Establish professional communication with your business partners and contractors to share important business data in a seamless, secure environment.
Draysoft offers a variety of transportation management solutions that are aimed at businesses operating in the trucking industry.

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