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Draysoft’s cutting-edge products are designed to offer simple and efficient solutions to the trucking industry’s most complex challenges. These software products automate a variety of operational tasks, so that less time and labor is spent on unproductive activities. Thanks to Draysoft, you will be spending the saved time and resources on productive tasks, which increases the organization’s efficiency.


Fully Integrated

Freightbox is a no-frills modular fleet management system which allows businesses to customize it with the modules as per their needs. The modules do not work as separate units. All modules that are added to a system work collectively as one fully integrated system. This allows for an effortless management of all the assets, data, and activities of the organization.
Check a truck’s location, manage inventories, assign activities to staff, manage customer quotes, generate invoices, and manage all your business finances from a single integrated system.

Then there is the Yard Manager software, which allows for a multi-modal management of inventories in different warehouses, locations, and vehicles. It is an integrated system for handling of all assets of the organization. The Rater software is integrated with the industry’s shipping rate directories to offer real time information on the shipping rates of various carriers. It allows fleet managers to offer the right prices to their customers based on solid data.

Data Security and Confidentiality

All Draysosft’s products are designed to protect your data from unauthorized access. There are multiple layers of security features to store your data in a secure environment. Your data is stored in your in-house servers, which can be accessed only by the authorized personnel in your organization.

To add another layer of fool-proof security to your business data, we also offer cloud integration. This feature integrates your system with the cloud and allows you to manage your data in a highly secure platform that is not prone to accidents, and are difficult to compromise. This is an optional feature.

Amazing Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management is an integral part of every profitable business. You need your customers to be happy if you wish to enjoy long term relationships with them. Freightbox allows you to offer a phenomenal experience for your customers. And, it starts right from your customers’ first interaction with your sales team.

The customer management module collects and stores all the information about each customer. Then, it offers the neatly organized information to the sales team when they need it. This information can be used to provide a highly personalized and superior experience for your customers, which is sure to delight them.

Moreover, the Rater makes it super-easy to generate and send quotes to the prospective clients. The easy-to-use software can collect a variety of information about the pricing offered to different clients and the revenue generated by different services.

Better Business Decisions

Draysoft’s products – Freightbox, Rater, and Yard Manager – offer data-supported assistance to decision makers. The wealth of data collected by these systems allows them to run a variety of complex analyses and produce amazing insights. Unlike subjective decisions that are prone to biases, these insights provide evidence-based insights. Decision makers can leverage their experience and the insights generated by Draysoft’s products to make superior decisions.

Draysoft’s insights can help organizations in ascertaining the potential of new revenue sources, finding need gaps in the industry, discovering inefficiencies that are hurting the business, identifying unnecessary expenses, and so on. Insights like these empower your organization to make decisions that can take your business to the next level.

Draysoft offers a variety of transportation management solutions that are aimed at businesses operating in the trucking industry.

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