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Let Us Help You
As soon as we receive your interest in any of our products, our representative will reach out to you to understand your requirement. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. Therefore, it is important for us to first understand your business needs and how your business works. Then, we can suggest you a suitable list of features that can improve your business’s efficiency, and performance, and boost your bottom line.
Once we have understood your unique needs, we will provide you a demo of the software products that are best suited for your requirement. Our representative will ensure that you get a clear understanding of how each module and feature of our products will help improve your business operations, and make higher profits for you. After all, you are making an investment in our products and that investment should deliver higher and higher returns to you.
Technical Training Support

At Draysoft, we are determined to ensure that your business is able to take complete advantage and benefits of our products. But, new tools, new interfaces, and new features are not easy to learn fast. Every new thing has a learning curve. Therefore, Draysoft offers technical training for all your staff, when you buy our software. The training sessions will cover all the modules and software products that you have purchased, in as much detail as possible. This helps your staff to get acquainted with our software from the get-go. We will also help your staff make the transition from the old systems to our new systems, if they need such assistance.
Our training may save hundreds of hours of your business time that your staff would have instead spent on learning the nitty-gritties of the new tools. They can now start working at their optimum productivity from day one.
Real Time Support Team

Downtime is an arch nemesis of every business. No business wants their highly productive staff, resources, and assets experience downtime, which costs them precious business opportunities and compromise their customer service. That is why, we have a customer support team that is always ready to resolve any problems that you may face with our products in the future.
We release our products only after subjecting them through rigorous testing methods. So, they hardly develop any issues later on. However, if you still face any technical difficulty, or some problem with a certain functionality, you can get in touch with our customer support team, and your issue will be resolved expeditiously.
Advanced Training

Draysoft offers advanced training to senior management, mid-level management, and other members of your organization about obtaining a variety of insightful reports from our software products. As part of our training, we will also train your data analysts to obtain a variety of insightful analytical reports about different segments of your business, so that the decision-makers in your organization can make evidence-based decisions. In fact, we will help you get started by training you using your own data, so that you get familiar with your present business situation. Our trainer will explain where your business stands on various fronts, and what can be done to improve your business operations.
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential for uninterrupted operations of any system, hardware or software. We offered regular preventive maintenance services for all our clients to ensure that our software products are performing at their peak abilities. We make sure that your systems have the latest updates, are using the right hardware, and are making use of our latest features without any hiccups.
Documentation and Tutorials


Draysoft offers an abundance of documentation to help our clients find quick answers to their queries about our products. Once our clients make the purchase, they get access to the detailed documentation we offer with the respective products.
In the Help section, they can find everything they need to know about using our products. This includes simple definitions of technical jargons that are specific to a particular industry like finance, IT, trucking, and so on. Similarly, the Help section provides a detailed look into each of the sections, their utility, and how to use them, if necessary.
Our documentation also includes a vast array of tutorials which helps your staff to quickly get familiar with our products and start using them in no time at all. Further, whenever they face any problems, they can easily check the Troubleshooting section for quick solutions to the most common problems. If following the troubleshooting procedures does not help, our customer support team is always ready to resolve your issue.
Continuous Free Updates

Draysoft is always striving to improve its products and services. We keep coming up with new features that significantly enhance our products and help your organization achieve its business goals in a more efficient and optimal manner. Once we have a set of new features and changes that we have tested to be free from any errors, we roll them out for our clients in the form of upgrades. All our upgrades are absolutely free of any additional cost to you, as long as you have the license to our products.
In our quest to constantly enhance our products, we always welcome any feedback that we get from our clients. We receive a steady stream of ideas from our clients on how we can improve our products, what features our clients would like, and so on. We take note of all the comments that we get from our clients and try to incorporate the best of them in the free updates or future versions of our products. Thus, when we finally have incorporated your suggestion, you receive the upgrade for free, and can enjoy the benefits that you get with it.
The Draysoft Team Promise
Every member of the Draysoft team is fully committed and dedicated to help our clients grow their business and become leading players in their respective markets.
As your growth partners, we will make sure that you are equipped with just the right technology for your every endeavor.

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